„The business of international business is culture.“ Geert Hofstede

We are experts in developing organizations, teams and managers in a globally connected world.

Globalization – an Opportunity to Succeed or to Fail

International teams can work more creatively and successfully than homogeneous teams – or they can simply end in frustration. Global alliances can turn a company into a world market leader – or bring about painful losses.

What makes the difference between success and failure?

Studies show that the most crucial success factor is the human factor.

Globally successful businesses are ones that invest time and effort into the art of building bridges between employees in different countries. International cooperation doesn’t happen on its own, but rather is a fragile construct that requires a great deal of attention.


The word Advaia comes from Sanskrit, the classical language of India, and means “overcoming duality.” Advaia stands for reaching beyond our differences and discovering common ground.

Advaia is at the heart of what we offer. In a global market, we integrate cultures across the boundaries of countries and of companies. We help businesses, teams and managers find their way to a new, higher level of cooperation.

The Best of Both Worlds

We take an individual approach – we start from your particular perspectives and resources and contribute fresh impulses, to develop a course of action tailor-made for your situation.

We take an international approach – our core business is cooperation between people from different cultures. We bring a global perspective and extensive international experience to our role as consultants, facilitators, coaches and trainers.